This site is for the gathering of resources related to digital media players, particularly those running Kodi media centre software and retro gaming. Named strangely, yes, but perhaps there is a method in that madness.


1.(of signals or data) expressed as series of the digits 0 and 1, typically represented by values of a physical quantity such as voltage or magnetic polarization.

a. relating to, using, or storing data or information in the form of digital signals. “digital TV”
b. involving or relating to the use of computer technology. “the digital revolution”

1. an assembly held for debate, especially in Anglo-Saxon and medieval times (historical).

This site is run by raze42 who is an enthusiast in digital media players and retro gaming. Most content on this site focuses on that interest, but who knows where we will end of dabbling.

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  1. Many thanks for your excellent tutorial on using iocage and scripts for migrating jails. I never thought I would be able to back up my jails until I read your article!

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