Frigate NVR: Home Assistant Integration

Frigate NVR Home Assistant IntegrationThe best security system setup requires Frigate NVR: Home Assistant Integration. This allows you to setup notifications and automations in your smart home, through Home Assistant, to let you know when objects are detected on your security camera. You can get an email telling you that a car has pulled into your driveway. You can have Alexa tell you that you have a bear in your backyard – the possibilities are endless and very, very powerful. The integration of Frigate NVR with Home Assistant is the basis of this very powerful and very flexible Security System setup. Of course Frigate will continue to offer you the standard 24/7 recording as well as video clips and motion detection that you would expect with a standard security system setup. This is just so much more!

This article is the fourth and final in an article series Best Security System Setup using Frigate NVR intended to help you get Frigate NVR setup with network storage and Home Assistant integration. Here is a list of the articles in this series for you to jump to:

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  5. Frigate NVR: Home Assistant Integration

This is part of digiMoot’s series of articles on NVR and series of articles on TrueNAS installations, configurations and setup.

As a prerequisite for this article, you will need to have HACS (Home Assistant Community Store) installed.

Frigate and Home Assistant Integration

Alright, so lets get ‘er done and get started with this Frigate NVR: Home Assistant Integration article. First we are going to login to your Home Assistant webUI. From there, you need to get into your HACS configuration page. You likely have this in your left hand navigation menu.

On the HACS configuration page, click integrations, and then click the three little dots in the top right of the page and select ‘Custom repositories”.

In the “Add custom repositories URL’ feild, paste the following URL to blakeblackshear’s Frigate integration repository:

From the “Category” drop down menu, select integration and now you can click the blue “add” button.

Now you should be at the HACS repository page and you should now see the Frigate repository listed. You can now click on the install link within that repository box. In the pop-up, select the version to install and then click the “Install” link.

Once installation is complete it will say that the Frigate HACS integration is pending a restart, so go ahead and restart your Home Assistant setup now (Configuration -> Server Controls -> Restart).

Once Home Assistant is restarted, in the Home Assistant webUI go to Configurations -> Integrations and click the blue “Add Integrations” button in the bottom right corner. In the pop-up, search for Frigate and  select it.  If it doesn’t show up, then clear your browser cache.

In the pop-up window you will be asked for the location of your host Frigate installation. If you’ve installed the frigate server on your Home Assistant machine then this field is already populated for you and no changes are necessary. If you’ve followed digiMoot’s Frigate NVR: Linux Manual Install article, you will need to put in the IP address of your Frigate server followed by ‘:5000’ for port 5000. Once this information is entered, click “Submit” and then in the next window, click “Finish”.

You are taken back to the Home Assistant integration page and Frigate should now be listed as a integration. You can click on the device of entities links under this integration and get a list of entities associated with Frigate, similar to what is shown below.

frigate integration home assistant

As you can see there are a number of sensors associated with the camera(s) (and zones) you have setup! These sensors will trip if, for example, Frigate detects a bear on the Front Camera. You can base your automations off of these sensors!


Congrats! You’ve completed this Frigate NVR: Home Assistant Integration article and now have Frigate and Home Assistant integrated for the basis of some very powerful automations! If you’ve been following along with the Best Security System Setup using Frigate NVR series of articles and have completed that too, then quadruple congrats as this was the fourth and final article in that series. You now have the best security system setup allowing notifications and automation based on Frigates object detection!

Happy Frigatin’!




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