HomeAssistant: Set Inovelli Switch LED Colour

Inovelli Red Series Dimmer Switches (Inovelli LZW31-SN) are great, feature rich Z-Wave devices and one of the cool features is to be able to use Home Assistant to change the colour of the LED indicator on the front of the switch! This is just a brief article showing how to manually set Inovelli Switch LED Colour in HomeAssistant. This took me a little bit to figure and wasn’t immediately obvious. This is useful if you don’t like the default colour of the led indicator and what to change it. Stay tuned for another article which will show you how to automate this colour change, for example if you wish to have the colour change to let you know if you’ve left you garage door open after 10pm. You will first have to add your Inovelli switches to HomeAssistant and you can follow my HomeAssistant: Install Inovelli Z-Wave Devices article. OK, lets Set Inovelli Dimmer Switch LED Colour in Home Assistant!

This article is part of my Home Automation series and you can check out other Home Automation articles on this site which may also be interesting or helpful.

Changing LED Indicator Colour On Inovelli Red Series Dimmer

To begin setting the Inovelli Switch LED Colour, launch the HomeAssistant web interface and navigate to:Configuration -> Integrations -> Z-Wave Card -> Configure

On this configuration page under nodes, select an Inovelli switch. Once you have a node selected, scroll down further and select Node Configuration Options and a bunch of options will come up.

Inovelli Dimmer LED Colour #1

These options correspond to the options listed in the product manual (page 9). Item 13 on this list is labeled LED Indicator Color. Select that. Below that selected option you will now see it is asking for you to put in a number between 0 and 255.

Inovelli Dimmer LED Colour #2

These numbers correspond to a colour which I’ve listed in the table below. Change this number to your desired colour and click Set Configuration Parameter and then check the switch to see the changed colour!

Inovelli Switch LED Colours:

Code Colour
1 Red
21 Orange
42 Yellow
85 Green
127 Cyan
170 Blue (Default)
200 Purple
235 Pink
255 White

Ok, so that’s it. Like I said a quick article for those, like me, who are having a bit of trouble figuring out how to change the Inovelli Switch LED Colour in HomeAssistant.

Have fun surfin’ the Z-Wave.


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